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Europe Insurance policy

Verify your Europe Insurance policy status submitting the policy number and the date of birth of the insured person.

Check validity

Europe Insurance policy

Enter the policy number and date of birth of an insured person to check the status and period of the insurance. Any found policy should has a status of 'VALID' or 'INVALID'.

'INVALID' status means that the policy has been cancelled or expired and it is not acctive.

'VALID' status means that the policy is active in the given time period.

Embassy Europe Insurance

For embassies and consulates

To check the status and period of validity of an insurance for any Schengen, other visa or a residence permit.

Europe Insurance Immigration

For immigration offices

To check the inusrance duration period to extend any stay or residency.

Europe Insuracne Border Cross

For border guards

To check if a person crossing European border or entering Schengen Area posses a valid insurance.

Police Europe Insurance

For any uniform services

For the police or other uniform services to check if a foreigner in Europe or Schengen Area is legally insured.

Europe Insurance World

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