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Low Price

Competitive premium for Europe Insurance. Basic or Extended plan suitable for your needs at low price.


Insurance premium

Europe Insurance premium varies based on your age and your 'student' status. The insurance rate per month decreases when an insurance period is longer (e.g. annual policy).

Frequently asked questions
Yes, Europe Insurance meets all European requirements for all types of Schengen visa, national visa, permit or residency. Europe Insurance is accepted by embassies, consulates and immigration offices.
Yes, if your visa application is refused, you get 100% refund of your insurance premium.
Yes, you can buy Europe Insurance for any purpose of travel to Europe or stay in Europe, such as tourism, work, business, vacationing, visiting people, studying.
You can pay with debit or credit card. If you would like pay for the Europe Insurance in a different way, please contact with us.
You can buy and pay for Europe Insurance 100% online. Few seconds after payment you get your insurance policy/certificate via email.
Citizens of all countries can buy Europe Insurance.
Yes, money for the Europe Insurance is always deducted from your payment card in your currency.
Always when medical help is needed begin with contact with 24/7 Assistance Contact Centre to get organized cashless help or takeover of medical costs. The phone number of 24/7 Assistance Contact Centre you find on your insurance policy.