Wide full coverage up to €60.000 and no deductibles!

Doctor's visit Organizing and cost coverage of all doctor's visits in case of necessary and urgent care, after accident or sudden illness.
Hospitalization All medical expenses related to stay at hospital during the necessary time, including operation and surgery, anesthesia, drugs, medical materials, hospital feed costs, etc. in case of accident, stroke, heart attack or others sudden and serious illnesses.
Emergency medical aid All necessary assistance and immediate medical treatment in sudden health problems or accidents, medical emergency services, an ambulance, visit at Emergency Room or Night Medical Aid Room.
Diagnostic tests Diagnostic tests needed to diagnose or adopt appropriate treatment procedure, like: blood, biochemical and immunochemical test, urine and stool test, X-ray, ultrasound, ECG test, spirometry, biopsy, echocardiography heart, and others.
Prescribed medications If your medical treatment needs taking medicines prescribed by a doctor, you get incurred cost refund.
Medical transport Assistance and cost refund of medical transport to the nearest appropriate medical facility (also doctor on call), mountain rescue or emergency transport helicopter, from medical facility to another specialized medical facility, to the place of your residence.
Dental aid (up to €200) Dental aid in acute tooth pain treated by extraction or using the basic tooth filling (including X-ray) and dental treatments directly aiming to reduce pain which is not resulted in neglect prevention.
Repatriation and body transport Transport to parent country (repatriation) or body transport and other costs related with transport or temporary placing corpse.

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Must have
for Schengen Visa

According to European Law (Regulation EC No 810/2009) travel medical insurance is an obligation for all visitors outside European Union and Schengen Area countries. Visa Schengen holders are required to have travel health insurance staying in Europe.

60 000 €
Medical Coverage

No deductibles, all medical expenses refund after sudden illness and accidents, dental care (up to 200 €), medical transportation and repatriation to country of residence, urgent and emergency care, hospitalization, doctor' visits, assistance and more.

Best Travel Medical Schengen Insurance

Insurance covers tourist, work and study stays in all Schengen countries. Money reimbursement if visa is denied. No deductibles. No age limit. No medical check-up needed. Buy online coverage from 1 till 36 months using credit/debit card or bank transfer.

Emergency Center

In case of health emergency or doctor visit as a precaution contact Emergency Service. The operator will find the nearest medical facility for your illness or injury and arrange visit with pursuing non-cash payment. Fluent in English, Russian, German and Spanish.

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